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Distributor of Shoremaster and PolyDock products

Shoremaster is the industry leader in docking system solutions for every waterfront. PolyDock products offer an alternative solution for waterfront owns with deep or fluctuating waters.

Shoremaster Infinity dock & lift system

The only system to offer waterfront owners a completely customized boat dock system. The infinity dock system provides ultimate options for your own unique configuration, exclusive curve systems and a wide variety of waterfront equipment accessories.

Shoremaster offers vertical, hydraulic, pontoon and personal watercraft lifts with a wide array of accessories.

Customize your system with solar lights, dock furniture, steps, ladders and paddleboard racks.


PolyDock modular floating dock system

Designed to look great, requires minimal maintenance and is highly configurable.

PolyDock features premium stability, slip-resistant surface and unlimited versatility.